Why Pakpal Chai Patti?

Good Reason’s to Choose Pakpal

We at Pakpal Tea Company, we simply love tea and we are passionate about quality and eager to encourage more people to experience “Pakpal Chai Patti” we feel this tea should be served in your cup.


We don’t accept compromise on taste. Our teas are of the highest grade and are blended by tea masters with years of experience. Each tea is ethically sourced and picked at peak season to ensure the tea in your cup tastes as fresh as the day it was picked. We’re proud to serve our teas and are confident you will be too.


It’s all about the Ingredients, We pride ourselves on being a blend of Kenyan Teas only.  We pay extra attention to source only the highest quality loose leaf teas to provide you the best tea experience.


Quality control of raw materials, in order to ensure the adequacy and richness of raw materials, we only buy from qualified tea suppliers, who have strict testing system of checking the physical and chemical properties of tea, tea pesticide residues, and other heavy metal testing to ensure the quality of tea procurement.


Quality of blending, packing and Packaging material, we only source food grade packaging materials  and our production processes follow the strict health and safety and quality control standards and we are PSQCA licensed company.


Pakpal Tea Company is where high standards of integrity, honesty and business ethics are followed. Our Vision is to provide quality products that exceeds the expectations of our valued customers.

Our Teas

Our Leaf Blend

Chai Patti is our finest premium strong black tea leaf blend, which is available in variety of pack sizes.

  • 6 Gram Sachet
  • 12 Gram Sachet
  • 50 Gram Sachet (New Pouch Size)
  • 95 Gram Pouch Pack
  • 190 Gram Pouch Pack
  • 238 Gram Pouch Pack
  • 20 Gram Hard Pack
  • 95 Gram Pouch and Hard Pack
  • 190 Gram Pouch and Hard Pack
  • 450 Gram Jar
  • 475 Gram Zipper Pouch Bag
  • 950 Gram Zipper Pouch Economy Pack


Our Green Tea

Coming soon !!!

Our Pakpal Qehva

Coming soon !!!

How we do it?

Tea blending is one of the art which brings the right taste, colour, and aroma with the combination of pure teas selected from different tea gardens. Our highly experienced tea tasters create our unique tea blend in our tea lab. Our blending unit which comprises of fully enclosed, touch free, automatic, food grade equipment with multi-stage cleaning to render our product as safe as possible. The latest food packaging machines are used to automatically and hygienically pack products. We use food grade packing material, and solvent free printing, touch free packing of the best available quality resulting in strong, attractive and safe packaging which makes our final ready product for our value consumers.

Thank you for being our valued customer.
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