About Us

Who we are and what we do?

Pakpal was founded with a passion to bring the finest, original and premium tea products to tea lovers, and to bring warmness in relations with a cup of tea. Over the years, a long-lasting relationship of love and trust has developed between Pakpal “Chai Patti” and its loyal consumers. At Pakpal Tea, we skilfully craft, blend and pack each of our products in Islamabad.

Tea Leaf from the best tea gardens is selected and the directors and tea masters personally taste and evaluate the teas. PAKPAL is now growing as a leading providers of high quality leaf teas sourced from the world’s best Kenyan tea farms. We are passionate about what we do and want to share that passion with you.

PAKPAL is committed to serve with purity and originality for our all products which meets the required standards for quality. We are Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) licensed company. We take great pride in our reputation and setting standards, and therefore we will never compromise our quality.

Our mission, vision, & values

OUR MISSION is to provide our customers with the best tasting, all natural teas for their everyday lives. At PAKPAL, we stay true to our word by always providing the best quality, customer service and experience.

OUR VISION and goal is to provide the best quality tea experience for our customers. PAKPAL TEA COMPANY wants availability of products within the reach of every individual desire with continuous improvement of product development through customer satisfaction and feedback. We want to change the way people see and think about tea while taking a sip.


  • Focus on our customer’s needs
  • Conduct business with integrity & fairness
  • Continuously train our employees & improve our processes
  • Reward employees on merit & promote teamwork
  • Maintain safe & healthy working environments

Message of PAKPAL’s Founder & CEO

PAKPAL is one of the growing company in the field of healthy and natural tea products. It is not really important for us, what is the size of the business, today sustainability has become a critical reality and therefore, organizational planning and sustainable practices is crucial to all businesses, today and for tomorrow. We at PAKPAL working hard to implement a successful agenda for sustainability which requires effective partnerships with tea producers and other stakeholders, which leads to reliable products, customer experience and long-term profitability.

We believe that a sustainable business generates long-term values for all its stakeholders, beyond financial returns. Sustainably produced products get a positive, long-term attitude from consumers, it also gives confidence to employees and business partners.

Further growth starts with the consumers need, offering customers a variety of tea products that make everyday moments more enjoyable. We call this as “Teas for Life”.

We consider it our mission to constantly meet customer needs in the midst of diversifying dietary life. Our team is dedicated and cherish “Creativity and Challenge” and we will work hard to provide new values to society.

Thank you for using our products and being a part of us!

PSQCA – Pakistan Standard & Quality Control Authority

Thank you for being our valued customer.
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